Join us May 20th, 2017 for all the fun!  In addition to a full day of interesting speakers, lunch, and an exciting afterparty courtesy of our sponsors, the Georgia chapter of The Open Organization Of Lockpickers (TOOOL, will be joining to help educate attendees about locks and physical security issues.  And, they are also bringing lock pick sets to sell!

Open Hacking Village

The newly announced Open Hacking Village (OHV) is completely free and available for all to attend (noob to expert). In its first year opening, the OHV will be hosting a list of environments for hackers to tinker around in. OHV will be focusing on Enterprise, Automotive and IoT. The intention of this village is to give people a free, legal environment to learn the tricks of the trade in hacking, test exploits out in, identify new exploits, learn from others, etc. The possibilities are endless and BSidesKC is happy to host this one of a kind environment.


Car Hacking Village (
Brought to you by CANBUSHACK team, conference attendees will get hands on experience in hacking automotive technologies. Not only will this village be openly available to the public, but there will also be a huge opportunity to learn the art of hacking vehicles. There is no formal agenda setup, rather a table with a few automotive components and benches for attendees to interact with.


IoT Hacking Village

Toasters, refrigerators, watches, shoes are all being connected to the Internet, but majority of these devices do so very insecurely. Interested in playing around with the devices people are labeling as the Internet of Things? If so, come check out this village, connect in your laptop and grab shell on that newly developed “smart” device to make it do things it’s not supposed to.


Enterprise Hacking Village
Ever want the chance to tinker with enterprise related networks, architectures, platforms, etc? Well the enterprise hacking village is for you! In this village there will be a simulated “enterprise” network setup for conference attendees to connect into and play around with.