If you’re interested in sponsoring or providing a gift in-kind donation, please view our sponsor packet or contact us to learn more information about how you can sponsor BSidesKC 2017! The event relies on sponsors and supporters to help fund the show. For attendees viewing this page, please take a minute to thank sponsors who you see here. Without them, none of this would be possible!!! We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization.


— Gold Level —

— Silver Level —

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— Venue Sponsor —

— À la Carte Sponsorships —

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All items below are things that would help to ensure that BSidesKC 2017 is one of the premier local and annual information security conferences! Remember: The more times they see your name, the more they will remember it!

Venue  (1 available) Sponsored by Think Big Partners!

Party On! – $3,000 (1 available) Sponsored by Fishtech Group!

There ain’t no party like a BSides party! Help us cover the bar tab at the best part of any con, the after party. The after party provides a great environment to share ideas, recruit your next genius, and just have a good time with like-minded folks.

Badges – $3,000 (1 available) Sponsored by AM Cyber!

Everyone likes a sweet con badge. Make this year’s a collectors item.

Lunch – $2,500 (1 available) Sponsored by RAVENii!
There’s no question that participants will work up an appetite over the course of the event. Your logo will be displayed where lunch is served as well as thank you messages on the BSidesKC website and via BSidesKC social media.

<Your Name Here> Lanyards – $800 (1 available) Sponsored by Depth Security!

Have your company logo wrapped around every neck at BSides! Your logo will be dual branded with the BSidesKC logo on fancy schmancy lanyards that won’t scratch your neck.

<Your Name Here> Room – $800 (1 available) Sponsored by Forescout!

Sponsor the Green Room for our speakers and volunteers. This room will provide a space for speakers to prep and volunteers to take a breather and will include refreshments and pick-me-ups throughout the day.

Capturing Memories – $300 (2 available)

Help us capture BSidesKC 2017 for all the world to see by sponsoring our official videographer and photographer.

Adopt-a-Speaker – $500 (7/10 available)Sponsored by Bugcrowd, ISG Technology & Rapid7!

Provide a stipend for speakers who need a little help getting to Kansas City to share their ideas and research.

 You Got That Swag – $300 (1 available) Sponsored by SANS!

Put your brand out there on the official BSidesKC swag bag.